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This is an exceptional Turquoise ring in Larimar style. The 1/2 round band is accentuated with nice diagonal line pattern. The fine bezel has a excellent fine saw tooth edging. This is a nice quality work by Sarilynn Studios


Beautiful Turquoise Triangle Ring with matching f;utter bezel . Nicely finished and attractive.


Simple Sweet and Beautiful Fine Grain Turquoise Ring with nice darker grain.


This is a really nice Turquoise ring with a halo outer decor with a nice outer faceting


1/2 round band with a Pear shaped Turquoise stone with matching bezel and an outer adornment ring matching the stone and bezel. Sterling Silver


This is a fantastic ring with an exceptional stone and setting. The band is also complimentary to the overall design with beaded detail and theirs a small motif at the top of curled decor


Simple 1/2 Round Band with fine grain Turquoise with a fade to grey look. Never forget shades of grey. The Bubbles are a lot of work to create and that drives the price point slightly higher for this excellent work. Get it and you will feel the energy fro


This is a fantastic value for a quality ring. The workmanship shows care and love for the art of the final piece. Words can't express the feeling you get when you see this ring in person. Buy and you will never regret it.

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